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Every auto insurance company offers different services, yet all offer basic auto insurance coverage. Having basic coverage is necessary if you're a car owner or driver, but you might want to talk to your agent about adding other coverage types. Your agent can explain all the options they offer, and here are some they might provide. 

Original parts coverage

The first one is original parts coverage, often called OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coverage. When you encounter an accident, your car might need repairs. When you bring it to an auto repair shop, they'll ask you what type of parts you prefer. Before answering, you might want to ask your insurance company what types they cover. Some insurance policies only cover aftermarket parts, but OEM parts are generally better. If you prefer OEM parts, which are the exact parts from the car manufacturer, you might need to pay extra for them. However, your insurance policy will cover them if you have OEM coverage.

Rental car coverage

If you ever have a car accident, you'll have to wait days or weeks for your car repairs to be complete. Have you ever thought about how you would get around without a car during this time? You can receive reimbursement for a rental car from your insurance company if you have rental car insurance coverage. You might want to add this to your plan.

New car replacement

While many insurance companies don't offer new car replacement coverage, some do. With this coverage, your insurance company compensates you for a new car if you total your car during the first year of owning it. Adding this coverage protects you when you own a new car, so it's a great option to add if your insurance company offers it.

Roadside assistance

Many people already have roadside assistance with their auto insurance plans. But you should consider adding it if you don't already have it, as it's helpful. Roadside assistance compensates you and helps you when you have car problems. For example, suppose you have a flat tire while traveling. If you need help fixing it, you can contact roadside assistance. Someone will show up to your vehicle to help you fix the tire if you have this coverage.

Talk to your auto insurance agent to discover your options

Are you interested in adding protection to your auto insurance plan? If so, talk to your agent. You can also contact other agents to request quotes or learn more about the extra coverage types they offer.

Contact a local auto insurance agent to learn more. 

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