Why You Should Hire A Public Adjuster After A Major Loss In Life

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If a fire destroyed your home and you are trying to work out the claim with your insurance company, have you thought about hiring a public adjuster? A public adjuster is someone you can hire who advocates for you, but a lot of people do not even know public adjusters exist. Here are a few good reasons you should hire one after a major loss like this.

The Adjuster Helps You Through The Claims Process

Filing a claim for a fire in your house is not difficult to do, but it can require a lot of paperwork. After a fire destroys your house, is this what you really feel like doing? This can be a devastating event to go through, and having an adjuster on your side can make the process a little easier.

The Adjuster Interprets Your Policy

Your insurance company will pay you money after this happens, but they will determine how much to pay based on your policy. The problem is that they might not read through your policy thoroughly, which means you might not receive enough compensation based on what your policy offers.

One great part of hiring an adjuster is that he or she will read your policy and interpret it to make sure you receive compensation for everything. For example, the insurance company might not tell you that they will pay a portion of your additional living expenses due to the fact that you need to live somewhere else while your contractor is rebuilding your house. If you have this type of coverage, your adjuster will make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

The Adjuster Fights For You

One other thing to realize is that the adjuster will be there fighting for you. He or she will appraise the damage to your house and obtain quotes for repairs or rebuilding the house. These quotes will be thorough, which means you will most likely receive more compensation from the insurance company for the damages.

In most cases, adjusters are able to help their clients receive higher amounts for their claims, and you only have to pay the adjuster for these services after you settle the case. In other words, you will not have to fork out money upfront when you hire an adjuster for help.

If you are working through a major claim on your insurance policy, contact a public adjuster. He or she can help you work through your claim, and this will not only be beneficial financially, but it can help you emotionally too, simply because you will not have to do it alone. For more information, contact companies like Great Lakes Public Adjusting.

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