When Is It Time To Update Your Home Insurance

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Purchasing your dream home is one of the most significant milestones you can achieve in your lifetime. If you're a discerning homeowner, chances are that you'll invest in home insurance to better protect your abode. When you modify the home, it makes sense to update your homeowner insurance too.

If you forget home updates when reviewing your home insurance, your property might be underinsured. Updating your insurance premiums ensures your property is covered if a disaster or accident damages your home. As such, you must review your home insurance annually to update your cover. 

Here are instances that require you to update your home insurance.

You've Remodeled

Renovating your kitchen, replacing an old roof, or remodeling your bathroom increases your home's value, and your insurance company needs to know. Different home makeover projects influence the overall value of your house. 

As such, the insurance firm must factor in the updates and adjust your property premiums to accurately cover such additions. Even though these adjustments add a few dollars to your premiums, they're worth the investment if you ever need to make claims.

You've Installed Alarm Systems

Adding surveillance cameras and alarms increases the value of your home. These additions reduce the chances that your home will be burglarized. After installing security gadgets, your insurance premium reduces significantly. 

Surprisingly, you can save a considerable percentage on your annual insurance premiums after installing intuitive security alarms. You must notify your insurer about the addition to qualify for better terms and conditions.

You've Added a Swimming Pool

Some home additions improve your home's value, but they drive up the cost of your premiums. For instance, adding an in-ground pool increases your liability if someone drowns or gets injured by the pool. 

Even if such a person accessed the pool without your knowledge, you'll be liable to compensate them. After installing the pool, you must alert your insurance company about the addition. This ensures your home insurance is up-to-date, and that the coverage protects you if an accident or incident happens in your pool.

You've Started a Home Office

The COVID-19 lockdown has normalized working from home. If you've started a home office, your insurance firm needs to know. Reliable agents recommend practical home insurance updates you must make to cover operation, equipment, or inventory. They will tell you whether you need a separate policy for your home business.

Updating your homeowner insurance is the best bet if you want to protect your oversized ticket items and home additions. Contact a home insurance provider near you, such as Best Insured, to learn more.

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