4 Tips For Keeping Your SR22 Rates Reasonable

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When it comes to getting insurance after you have a DUI or a DWI, you often have to submit an SR22 form to the state to show that you have insurance coverage. You may also have to submit an SR22 for other serious vehicle infractions as well.

When you need insurance in order to meet an SR22 requirement, your insurance rates are going to be higher, as only drivers with a risky history need to file an SR22 form. You need to keep up your SR22 coverage for the entire term required by the state, so you want to make sure it is something you can afford. There are steps you can take to keep your insurance rates under control, even when you are paying for SR22 coverage.

Minimize Your Driving

First, you are going to want to minimize your driving. If you only drive to or from work, or you agree to only drive your vehicle on a restricted schedule, you can lower your insurance rates. For this type of insurance coverage, your insurance provider may require you to put a tracking device in your vehicle to confirm you are only driving to or from work, or to the approved destinations you agreed to with your insurance company.

Use an Older Vehicle

While you have to carry SR22 insurance, you may want to consider using an older vehicle instead of driving a new vehicle. Insurance on a new vehicle can be expensive normally, and even more so when you are making SR22 filings.

Trade-in your new car and go with an older vehicle. A year that has safety features, but is about a decade old, can help you keep your insurance costs at a reasonable rate. Driving an older vehicle until you can get regular insurance can really help keep your insurance rates down. Before purchasing an older vehicle, check and see what the rates would be.

Carry Only Liability Coverage

When you are required to carry SR22 coverage, consider dropping collision and comprehensive coverage, which can be very expensive when you are paying for SR22 coverage.

This works best if you have downgraded to a less expensive vehicle that you are okay with getting minor damage. Carrying the minimum required insurance will help you keep your insurance costs down to a rate you can afford, while at the same time, allowing you to maintain your insurance coverage.

Shop Around

Finally, just because you need an SR22 form from your insurance company, doesn't mean you can't shop around. You should call various insurance companies and see what their different rates are.

When it comes to finding insurance when you need SR22 coverage, invest in an older vehicle, carry minimum coverage, minimize your driving, and shop around in order to get the best rates. Find an insurance agent near you to help with SR22 filing

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