Home Insurance And Homeowner's Insurance – Do You Need Both?

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Buying and maintaining a home is a huge investment, in both time and money. This is why it's so important that you have all of the insurance coverage that you need to protect the home, as well as the contents inside. Here, you'll learn a little about home insurance and homeowners insurance, to help you better protect your finances and your home.

Difference between Home Insurance and Homeowner's Insurance

The key difference between home insurance and homeowner's insurance is the fact that the home insurance is more like a warranty for the more expensive elements to repair – your HVAC system, plumbing and electrical system, as well as some appliance repairs and replacements. Homeowner's insurance covers the home itself, as well as many, or all of the contents inside as long as the damage is sustained in a way that the insurance will cover. Destruction by tornadoes or floods are examples of this.

When you carry a mortgage, you must maintain homeowners insurance on the property in most cases. This coverage protects the lender from loss, if the home is damaged or destroyed by fire or other covered causes.

Do you have to carry both home insurance and homeowners insurance?

In most cases, no. You must have homeowner's insurance, but the home insurance is there just to protect you from financial struggles, if a huge repair bill was to come your way. Think about what you'd do if you found out the entire heating and cooling system had failed and will needed to be replaced immediately – would you have the funds or credit to cover the cost of repairs? This type of insurance will provide you that coverage – the homeowner's insurance would only cover the damage if it was caused by interior flooding, like a burst waterline, a fire or few other causes.

So, it's really up to you – would you rather pay a little into a home insurance plan each month and have the protection there when you need it or hold your breath and hope that nothing terrible happens, each month, that you'll have to put off getting repaired, because you just don't have the money to make the repair? Give it some thought and get yourself some comparison rates. You may find that both kinds of coverage meet your monthly budget and will prevent you from getting hit hard, when things seem like they can't get any worse.  

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