What You Should Know About Car Insurance If You Do Not Have A Car

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If you do not own a car at this time, you may still want to have an auto insurance policy, even though this may seem unusual. There is a type of policy known as non-owner auto insurance coverage, and this type of personal auto insurance coverage is designed for people who do not own cars. While it may not seem like a person would need auto insurance if he or she does not have a car, there are several key reasons people choose to purchase non-owner car insurance policies.

A non-owner policy offers coverage when borrowing a car

Non-owner car insurance is only for people who do not own cars. If you do not own a car but plan on driving at all, you could benefit from a non-owner policy. This type of policy would protect you whenever you drive any car. For example, if you borrow an extra car that your parents own, you would have protection through your own policy. If you decided to rent a car for a while, it would also cover that. Having car insurance coverage is vital if you ever plan on driving a car during the time period in which you do not actually own your own vehicle.

A non-owner policy gives you a way to avoid a lapse in coverage

The second thing to understand is that a lot of people purchase non-owner policies simply to avoid allowing their insurance coverage to lapse. Whenever a person is in between cars, they could try to save money by canceling their car insurance, but this is not necessary a good thing. If you completely cancel your policy and have no coverage at all, you could experience problems when you eventually need to buy a policy. The insurance company would look at your record and see that you currently have no insurance, and anytime there is a lapse in coverage, insurance companies categorize the individuals as high-risk drivers. This means you may pay a lot more for coverage when you need it if you allowed a lapse in your policies. If you buy non-owners insurance, you could avoid this problem.

A non-owner policy is very affordable to purchase

The average cost of a non-owner car insurance policy is between $200 to $300 a year. This is typically a lot less than people pay for other types of car insurance coverage, yet it offers the protection you need during certain times of life.

Buying a non-owner insurance policy can be a great idea in some situations. If you would like to get a quote for this coverage, you can do so by contacting an insurance company that sells auto insurance policies.

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