Comprehensive Coverage: It Doesn't Cover Everything, But It Covers A Lot

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Unless you have your car financed through a lender or it is leased, there is a pretty high likelihood that you will skip right over comprehensive coverage when you are offered it with your auto insurance policy. If you are like a lot of people, you will assume that having traditional coverage and collision coverage should be enough.

Comprehensive coverage is definitely one of the most optional forms of coverage, but it is actually the icing on the proverbial auto insurance cake–often picking up to cover things the rest of your coverage simply will not help you with at all. This insurance doesn't cover everything that could happen to your vehicle out of the ordinary, but it does cover a lot more than most drivers know.

Comprehensive picks up the tab if you hit an animal. 

There are numerous accidents caused by animals on highways and roads, and these accidents can be pretty severe. In these situations, there is no other driver at fault; only nature, so typical insurance coverage will not be much help. Comprehensive coverage does cover collisions with animals in the roadway, which can be a lifesaver if it happens to you unexpectedly and your car is damaged. 

Comprehensive covers damages if something falls on your vehicle. 

Normally, when your car is parked and is damaged, you would be left covering the costs of repairs on your own. However, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, damages caused to your vehicle while not in motion may be covered. Therefore, if you park your car under a tree and a windstorm blows through and breaks a limb overhead, your damages will not have to be paid for by you. Likewise, if you come out to your vehicle and discover it has been hit by a hailstone, the damages would be covered. 

Comprehensive covers theft of your personal belongings. 

People tend to pack a lot of things around with them in their vehicle, whether it is their expensive smartphone, their purse or wallet, or other personal belongings. Most types of auto insurance coverage will not cover your losses if someone gets in your car and takes your items. But comprehensive coverage is something you can count on to help you in these situations. If you live in an area that has a high crime rate, this type of coverage is an investment that is well worth the money if something happens. 

Contact your local auto insurance agency for more information and assistance. 

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