Types Of Vehicles That Need Custom Car Insurance

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There are numerous car owners who have the wrong type of insurance. Some of them do not realize that they have the wrong insurance. Most savvy insurance agents can advise their client about what type of insurance they need. However, some consumers may get upgrades on their vehicles and fail to notify their agents. This can cause issues if an accident or another type of damage occurs. If an insurance company only has on file that you have a standard vehicle, you cannot expect them to pay for damages to upgrades that you did not report. The following points will help you to understand when custom auto insurance is needed.

Exotic Vehicles

Depreciation in value is usually not expected when it comes to these vehicles. These are the type of vehicles that some people fantasize about because they have seen them on television or movies. They are generally two-seater vehicles. Some of them are convertibles, and there are also hard -top and T-top models.

Hot Rod Vehicles

These are vehicles that are fro yesteryear era. They have had modifications such as changes to engine suspension and chassis to make them perform in a more modern manner. The look of the vehicles matched with the faster and better performance is what attracts some people to hot rods. Some people refer to hot rods as "street rods."

Custom Vehicles

These are vehicles that have been altered to suit the tastes of the owners. They can be newer or older model vehicles. An example of a customized vehicle would be one with altered hydraulics that makes the vehicle bounce up and down intentionally. Another would be certain spoiler and exhaust kits.


These are vehicles that are made in factories. They are designed to resemble vehicles of yesteryear. They are favored among enthusiasts because they represent timeless eras. They also look like the older vehicles but have new parts making them easier to maintain.

Kit Cars

These are vehicles that are for enthusiasts who prefer to build their own cars or have someone else perform the work. They are originals that need replacement parts.

A custom car insurance agent is a good resource to use to determine the type of policy you need. They can review your current insurance and determine whether you need to upgrade it. They can also assist you when you make amendments to your vehicle. Some amendments that are made to vehicles can result in insurance savings. 

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